NCTC Server Move

I have transferred web page to another server. This server is free forever and free is free! It will take sometime for search engines to update their caches. If you have difficulty connecting, I would clear your bower history. Please let me know directly, if you have any issues with the transfer. I would also recommend verifying that your are stilled registered, via Blog email, on the web page to get important updates. The site will settle down in a day or two.

If all is successfully, over time, I will migrate the Domain NCTC to the new server. For now still use to connect to the web page.

NCTC is still looking for a web administrator that is versatile/experienced with WordPress and Linux. COPPA is serious business and the admin will ensure compliance, maintain the site, and post current NCTC updates. Please contact me directly if interested.

David KG5RDF



The “North Central Texas Connection (NCTC), is a continuing work in progress. Without you, the donors, our technical staff and the various repeater owners and trustees, this system could never exist.

Most of the system is interconnected either by (420 Mhz.) full duplex links or NXU’s (Internet Extension Units “DMR, Wires-X, Allstar, and EchoLink”).

Our primary objective is to provide a backup system for the National Weather Service and their weather spotters during times of inclement weather. Please Read: “System Protocol”.

The secondary purpose is to provide for you the Amateur Radio Operator a way to communicate in the Dallas/ Ft.Worth metro area and the surrounding cities providing for technical talk and typical idle time chat.

Numerous long hours, weekends, donations of equipment and funding have allowed us to create this project. We hope you enjoy the system as much as we have enjoyed taking old equipment and giving it a new purpose. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy this valuable resource.

Helpful information for Allstar Users

Helpful information for Allstar Users. This corrects issues that occurred during the Hurricane. Turn off DNS on private nodes:

There are three options for node lookup. The default if not defined isNS. If you strictly want local then set it to local BUT in the very near future hamvoip users will be able to define private node groups and set IPaddresses for those nodes in the hamvoip registration system. When this happens and if you want to do it you would need to set the value to =dns Also if you are using dns or local lookup you will want to run the script to turn off (disable) the file lookup system asit is not used. To test what method is currently being used for aparticular node use the rpt lookup command in the client.

Here is the text for setting –

; There are three choices for the way to
; nodes. Being able to lookup nodes and
; to an IP address and port is a requirement
; for proper operation of Allstar.

; NOTE – when using DNS lookup on all nodes
; a server the script
; be used to turn off redundant flat file
; DNS lookup is the default.

; node_lookup_method=dns (Default)
; Uses hamvoip DNS lookup

; node_lookup_method=file
; Uses Allstar flat file lookup
; Deprecated in hamvoip v1.5

; node_lookup_method=local
; Uses local fixed routing defined in the
; [nodes] stanza below

*73 Doug*

VoIP Hurricane Net

The following information is an opportunity to listen and sharp your ARES/SKYWARN skills.

VoIP Hurricane Net will activate starting at 9 AM EDT Thursday Morning through 11 PM EDT Saturday Evening for Dangerous Hurricane Florence which is expected to be a major hurricane and will slow its approach to the Southeast North Carolina/Northeast South Carolina Coast Thursday Night through Friday Night with continued hurricane impacts into Saturday.

Monitoring Connections:

  • IRLP Node 9123
  • Echolink 4439, 372418, & 27366
  • Allstar call in *33009123
  • Audio live stream

National Hurricane Center web link:

Courtesy Tones

Just some good information for the users of 443.200. There are a group of low level courtesy tones incorporated as diagnostic tools. If you’re local currently there is no tone. If you hear two quick beeps the source is from East of Aledo. Should you hear 3 quick beeps the source is from the West of Aledo. Last if you hear 4 beeps the source is from up North. Oh I spilled some beans…No 4th port quite yet, but in the making. During the little service call, some extra functionality was implemented. We can measure the temperatures in cabinet and PA temps remotely and act accordingly if needed. We also have winter cabinet fan control now. Stay tuned my friends!