NCTC Server Move

I have transferred web page to another server. This server is free forever and free is free! It will take sometime for search engines to update their caches. If you have difficulty connecting, I would clear your bower history. Please let me know directly, if you have any issues with the transfer. I would also recommend verifying that your are stilled registered, via Blog email, on the web page to get important updates. The site will settle down in a day or two.

If all is successfully, over time, I will migrate the Domain NCTC to the new server. For now still use to connect to the web page.

NCTC is still looking for a web administrator that is versatile/experienced with WordPress and Linux. COPPA is serious business and the admin will ensure compliance, maintain the site, and post current NCTC updates. Please contact me directly if interested.

David KG5RDF